alternativ undergrunnsmusikk av BY Recordings

BY Recordings is a underground music label run by Kevin By from Trondheim, now residing in Bergen.
The music released is weird, fast, experimental, often noisy and lo-fi.
It’s for anyone who wants to hear an alternative to “normal” music.

The label’s flagship is Pønka prosa – a playful mishmash of jazz, orchestral music, punk, hiphop and ragga.
It’s a mutation and continuation of
WIPThrash, or WIPTrash [link til youtube-video] which produced wild primal digital BreakCore inspired by Boredoms, Atari teenage riot, JK Flesh og The Bug.
WIPThrash released
Betong EP” i 2005 and “تحذير” (warning) i 2008 and performed at the Borealis Festival the same year.

BY Recordings has previously released albums by Lonely Punk, Kanagawa and Halfbear in CDR format, all of which are out of print.