Pønka prosa art book out now.

Available for purchase here.

Instead of releasing a standard CD, I figured an album/book hybrid would be more interesting.
The word ‘hybrid’ is also what best describes the accompanying music.

So, I decided to invite 10 up and coming Norwegian artists to interpret graphically the songs’ lyrics.
All of the tracks were originally released back in 2017 as a digital only release through CD Baby.

The end result demonstrates how differently we humans interpret words and lyrics.
More often than not, we draw from it mental images coming from our own unique experiences, often breaking with the author’s original intentions.

This was exactly the point.

Despite the title “10 grafiske tolkninger…“, meaning “10 graphical interpretations…” in Norwegian – one song was removed from the project because of inappropriate lyrical content, so the book actually contains 9 (the cover being one of them).

FYI! The lyrics are written in a local Norwegian dialect – Trøndersk.

The book is available here.

BY Rec header cropped

BY Recordings was born back in 2004 as a CDR label for quirky, experimental noise music with acts such as WIPThrash, Kanagawa & Halfbear.

In 2010 we released “From the Wilderness” by Lonely Punk, the label’s very first alternative rock & electronica project.

Today this label is basically a vehicle for Pønka prosa – a playful mix of brass music and ragga.